Modular panels

Wall System MOT

MOT90 partition is especially designed for operating rooms. This modular panel is made of a steel frame and two removable panels hooked on the studs.

This empty partition allows the easy incorporation of services and medical devices. This system is fast to install, and as a result of a non progressive installation, maintenance will be facilitated.

Thanks to its flexibility, many configurations are available to fit any operating room. The final result will be easy to clean, airtight and certainly pleasant with many options of colors and finishings.

Powder coated steel

Stainless steel



Solid mineral surface

Wall & Ceiling systems

Wall & Ceiling systems CR/PR/AR

CR60, PR60 and AR60 sandwich panels for wall and ceiling are 60 mm thick with PU/PIR, rockwool or aluminium honeycomb core. Facings are made with two smoothed steel sheets, with many coatings available. The perimeter frame is made of steel or aluminium.

These modular panels, especially designed for cleanrooms, provide smooth surfaces easy to clean. It is airtight, insulating and non combustible.

Wall & Ceiling systems CE/CL

Especially designed for low class cleanrooms, CE60 and CL60 panel for wall and ceiling are an insulated with PU, PIR or mineral wool bonded or injected between two smoothed steel sheets.

This sandwich panel is made of time-stable materials and no emitting particles.

CE60 and CL60 panels, providing smooth surfaces easy to clean, are airtight and insulating.