Solutions for Modular Operating Theatre

Operating Theatre envelop :

  • Modular panels for wall and walk-on ceiling
  • Doors & pass-box
  • Glazing
  • All finishing accessories

Operating Theatre equipment :

  • Laminar Air Flow & Air Handling Unit
  • LED lightings & Operating lights
  • Extract air grill
  • Cabinets
  • Control panel
  • Medical Viewing Station
  • X-ray viewer
  • Electrical and Gas sockets
  • Scrub

Turnkey Solutions for Cleanroom


MOTECH supplies the cleanroom envelop :

  • Modular panels for wall and walk-on ceiling
  • Doors & Pass-box
  • Glazing
  • Lighting fixtures
  • All finishing accessories


Kit for Isolation Room

Kit for isolation room

Our kit for Isolation Room can be installed within 2 days for :

  • Patient isolation and treatment
  • Laboratory for analysis or research


Isolation Room is an airtight envelope made of :

  • Cleanroom sandwich panels for wall, ceiling and floor
  • Swing door (sliding door can be an option)
  • Glazing with blinds
  • All necessary equipment can be integrated in partitions and ceiling : HVAC grid, electrical sockets, TV, lighting fixtures…
  • HVAC ensure negative pressure inside the room